Why we use Soy Wax at Dusk Angel Store!

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Why we use Soy Wax at Dusk Angel Store!

Let's talk about why we chose 464 Soy Wax for our Wax products!


The Environmental factors that drove our decision:

  • Paraffin Wax is made from crude oil which is not a renewable resource! There is also some evidence to Paraffin Wax being toxic due to the fumes that it lets off when burning. While we do not claim to be scientists this is not something we would risk with our customers!
  • Palm Wax is a natural product however it is a by-product of deforestation in the areas of Malaysia & Indonesia where 84% of Palm Products are produced. 
  • Bees Wax is a natural product & labelled as a sustainable resource. Though due to the potential impact this has on bees, which are the most important living beeing (no pun intended) on our planet, we chose not to go for Bees Wax for our candles!
  • Coconut Wax is fairly new to the game & seems to be fairly on par with Soy Wax when it comes to the environmental effect. Coconut Wax can be ethically sourced & is renewable! 
  • Soy wax is natural, environmentally friendly & kosher. It is made from Hydrogenated Soybean Oil which is a natural renewable resource. Making it the most environmentally friendly option.



Let's talk price! Yes the price effects us but it also effects our customers because if we have to pay more then you have to pay more to buy our product!

  • Paraffin & Palm Wax are the cheapest options on the market, however, due to their negative environmental impact, they have never been a consideration for us at Dusk Angel Store.
  • Soy Wax has a mid range price tag. Meaning it's affordable for our customers as well as being environmentally friendly!
  • Coconut Wax is a little more expensive than Soy Wax & also seems to be harder to find at Australian Suppliers. 
  • Bees Wax is the most expensive option on the market. Did you know it takes approx. 33 million flower visits to produce 1 pound (approx 450g) of wax? This is why Bees Wax has it's high price tag!


Other factors we considered: 

  • Soy Wax has a slower burn time & lower burn temperature than other waxes which means our customers get a longer life out of their candles. Due to slower burn time & lower burn temp this results in a quicker and better scent distribution! Waxes like Palm & Coconut have a lot higher burn temp meaning it takes a lot longer for the scent to start disbursing around the room! 
  • Soy Wax is a lot easier to clean up! So if you do have a spill on a hard surface all you need to do is let it set & scrap off or on carpet, melt with a hair dryer and dab away carefully with paper towel!
  • There is no known health concerns related to Soy Wax! Which cannot be said for Paraffin Wax.