Succulent Book Sleeve
Succulent Book Sleeve
Succulent Book Sleeve

Succulent Book Sleeve

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*Pattern will vary slightly from sleeve to sleeve*


Please See Below a description of what type of book each sleeve will fit for reference.


Approx. Outer Measurements:
Extra Large: 27.5cm x 23cm
Large: 25.5cm x 20.5cm
Medium: 24.5cm x 18cm


The Extra Large Book Sleeve is perfect for normal Hardcovers (even the chunky ones) and tall paperbacks. This one has a little extra room width wise so will easily fit those 700+ page fantasies some of us love. The Extra Large is also the perfect size for iPads. 

The Large Book Sleeve is for those chunkier normal size paperbacks & also smaller Hardcovers. 

The Medium book sleeve will fit your normal size paperbacks up to around 500 pages.



*For bulk orders (more than 5 items) please contact us on to discuss bulk prices & appropriate shipping.