Choose Your Own 4 Pack | 4 x 200ml Soy Wax Candles
Choose Your Own 4 Pack | 4 x 200ml Soy Wax Candles

Choose Your Own 4 Pack | 4 x 200ml Soy Wax Candles

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Full List of Dusk Angel Store Candles:
*Please see individual listings for these candles to check they are in stock before requesting*

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Themed Candles

- House of Courage (Sandalwood, Woodsmoke & Vanilla)
- House of Ambition (Fireplace, Mildew & Citrus)
- House of Learning (Woodsmoke, Clean Linen & Lilac)
- House of Loyalty (By the Fire, Caramel Vanilla & Fig)
- Hagrid's Hut (Tea, Rock Cakes, Oakmoss & Dragon Fire)
- The Forbidden Forest (Cedar, Oakmoss & Dragon Fire)
- The Great Hall (Apple, Caramel & Fire)
- The 3 Broomsticks Pub (Pipe Tobacco, Butter Beer & Fire Whisky)
- Honeydukes (Musk Sticks, Candy Cane & Strawberry Bonbons)
- Kowalski's Suitcase (Vanilla, Butterscotch, Cinnamon & Spice)
- Harry's Amortentia (Treacle Tart, Broomstick Handles & a Mystery Floral Scent)
- Flourish & Blotts (Bookshelves, Honeycomb & Fantasy)
- Quality Quidditch Supplies (Reedwood Cedar, Ancient Sandalwood & Flint)
- Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream (Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry & Sugar Plum)

 The Medoran Chronicles Themed Candles

- Laendra (Lilac, Caramel & Vanilla)
- Vardaesia (Sugar Plum, Patchouli, Lychee & Black Tea)
- Woodhaven (Cedar Forest & Gammy's Apple Pie)
- Silverwood (Silverwood Trees & Laendra)
- Tryllin (Spearmint & Honeydew)
- Akarnae Academy (Passionfruit, Lychee & Black Tea)
- Mrs. Gribble's Cupcakes & Nibbles (Lemon Zest, Butterscotch, Cinnamon & Spice)
- Sweet Tooth Candy Store (Sugar Plum, Honeydew & Passionfruit)
- Dillyberry Juice (Strawberry, Mulberry & Raspberry)
- On the House (Dillyberry Juice, Bourbon & Absinthe)
- Ezera Forest (Ancient Sandalwood, Cedar & Hints of Magic)
- Shadow Walkers (Absinthe Crystal, Patchouli & Fire)
- Day Riders (Vanilla, Honeydew & Sugar Plum)
- The Library (Fireplaces, Citrus Splash & Redwood Cedar)
- Chateau Shondelle (Orange, Vanilla, Black Cardamon, Cubans & Brandy)
- Meya (Mint, Bergamont, Asian Pear, Lily, Cinnamon & Vanilla)
- Maroo (Amazonian Grape, Mint Green Tea, Wild Frangipani & Avocado)
- Nialas (Pineapple, Driftwood, Cucumber Water & Coconut)

Rebel of the Sands Themed Candles
- Amani (Gunpowder, Lavendar, Frangipani & Tobacco)


Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Themed Candles
- Miss Peregrine's Home (Sandalwood, Sweet Pea & Vanilla)


Stalking Jack the Ripper Themed Candles
- Whitechapel 1888 (Redwood Cedar, Woodsmoke & By the Fire)
- The Moonlight Carnival (Candy Popcorn, Orange, Vanilla, Cuban Cigars & Brandy)

Bran Castle (Citrus Splash, By the Fire, Lychee & Black Tea)


Sorcery of Thorns
- The Great Library of Summershall (Oakmoss, Capri Peach, Mistletoe & White Cedar)


The Raven Cycle Themed Candles
- 300 Fox Way (Lavender, Tobacco, Birds of Paradise & Absinthe Crystal)

The Devouring Gray Themed Candles
- Four Paths (Cedar Forest, Cuban Cigars, Brandy & Pinecones)


Daughter of the Burning City Themed Candles
- The Gomorrah Festival Freak Show (Sweet Pea, Candy Popcorn, Woodsmoke & Vanilla)


Blood Heir Themed Candles
- Kyrov (Mistletoe, White Cedar & Gingernut)
- Syvern Taiga (Cedar Forest, Pinecones, Pearls & Berry)
- Salskoff Palace (Caramel, Vanilla, Fig & Absinthe Crystal)
- Novo Mynsk (Peach Blossom, Yuzu Fruit & Black Cardamon)


House of Dragons Themed Candles
- House Volscia (Green Tea, Black Cardamon & Yuzu Fruit)
- House Auran (Sea Mist, Cucumber Water, Orchid Vanilla & Sea Salt)
- House Tiber (Ancient Sandalwood, Mint Bergamot & Gingernut)
- House Sabel (Oakmoss, Jasmine & White Rose)
- House Pentri (By the Fire, Lemon Zest & Vanilla)


A Curse So Dark & Lonely Themed Candles
- Silvermoon Harbour (Sea Mist, Cubans, Asian Lily, Brandy & Pear)
- Ironrose Castle (English Rose, Absinthe Crystal & Gunpowder Flint)
- Crooked Boar Inn (Bourbon Bundt Cake, Cedar Forest & By the Fire)

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