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Full List of Dusk Angel Store Candles:

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Themed Candles

- House of Courage (Sandalwood, Woodsmoke & Vanilla)
- House of Ambition (Fireplace, Mildew & Citrus)
- House of Learning (Woodsmoke, Clean Linen & Lilac)
- House of Loyalty (By the Fire, Caramel Vanilla & Fig)
- Hagrid's Hut (Tea, Rock Cakes, Oakmoss & Dragon Fire)
- The Forbidden Forest (Cedar, Oakmoss & Dragon Fire)
- The Great Hall (Apple, Caramel & Fire)
- The 3 Broomsticks Pub (Pipe Tobacco, Butter Beer & Fire Whisky)
- Honeydukes (Musk Sticks, Candy Cane & Strawberry Bonbons)
- Kowalski's Suitcase (Vanilla, Butterscotch, Cinnamon & Spice)
- Harry's Amortentia (Treacle Tart, Broomstick Handles & a Mystery Floral Scent)
- Flourish & Blotts (Bookshelves, Honeycomb & Fantasy)
- Quality Quidditch Supplies (Reedwood Cedar, Ancient Sandalwood & Flint)
- Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream (Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry & Sugar Plum)

 The Medoran Chronicles Themed Candles

- Laendra (Lilac, Caramel & Vanilla)
- Vardaesia (Sugar Plum, Patchouli, Lychee & Black Tea)
- Woodhaven (Cedar Forest & Gammy's Apple Pie)
- Silverwood (Silverwood Trees & Laendra)
- Tryllin (Spearmint & Honeydew)
- Akarnae Academy (Passionfruit, Lychee & Black Tea)
- Mrs. Gribble's Cupcakes & Nibbles (Lemon Zest, Butterscotch, Cinnamon & Spice)
- Sweet Tooth Candy Store (Sugar Plum, Honeydew & Passionfruit)
- Dillyberry Juice (Strawberry, Mulberry & Raspberry)
- On the House (Dillyberry Juice, Bourbon & Absinthe)
- Ezera Forest (Ancient Sandalwood, Cedar & Hints of Magic)
- Shadow Walkers (Absinthe Crystal, Patchouli & Fire)
- Day Riders (Vanilla, Honeydew & Sugar Plum)
- The Library (Fireplaces, Citrus Splash & Redwood Cedar)
- Chateau Shondelle (Orange, Vanilla, Black Cardamon, Cubans & Brandy)
- Meya (Mint, Bergamont, Asian Pear, Lily, Cinnamon & Vanilla)
- Maroo (Amazonian Grape, Mint Green Tea, Wild Frangipani & Avocado)
- Nialas (Pineapple, Driftwood, Cucumber Water & Coconut)
Kaiden (Mint Bergamont, Ginger Snap Cookie & Black Cardamon)
Jordan (Woodsmoke, Cucumber Water, Plums & Rhubarb)
Bear (Black Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Mandarin & Spice)
Declan (Cuban Cigars, Cinnamon, Blueberry, Vanilla & Brandy)
Alex (Pineapple, Banana Smoothie, Fig & Driftwood)
Niyx (Lavender, Starfruit, Hibiscus & Tobacco)
-  DC (Lychee, Orange, Vanilla & Black Tea)


Blood Heir Themed Candles
- Kyrov (Mistletoe, White Cedar & Gingernut)
- Syvern Taiga (Cedar Forest, Pinecones, Pearls & Berry)
- Salskoff Palace (Caramel, Vanilla, Fig & Absinthe Crystal)
- Novo Mynsk (Peach Blossom, Yuzu Fruit & Black Cardamon)


A Curse So Dark & Lonely Themed Candles
- Silvermoon Harbour (Sea Mist, Cubans, Asian Lily, Brandy & Pear)
- Ironrose Castle (English Rose, Absinthe Crystal & Gunpowder Flint)
- Crooked Boar Inn (Bourbon Bundt Cake, Cedar Forest & By the Fire)


Heartstopper Themed Candles
- Charlie (Patchouli, Black Tea, Caramel & Vanilla)
- Nick (Green Tea & Candy Popcorn)
- Nellie (Watermelon, Sea Salt & Redwood Cedar)


Mooncakes Themed Candles
- Black Cat Booksellers Cafe (Fresh Coffee, Bookshelves & Vanilla)


Aurora Rising Themed Candles
- Aurora (Watermelon, Citrus Splash & Marshmallow)
- Cat (Peach Blossom, Passionfruit & Sweet Lemongrass)
-Finian (Honeydew, Amazon Sugar Plum & Yuzu Fruit)
- Kaliis (Black Cardamon, Plums, Rhubarb & Boysenberry)
- Scarlett (Avocado, Mint, Banana, Orange & Vanilla)
- Tyler (Hibiscus, Starfruit, Green Tea & Jasmine)
- Zila (Mandarin, Lotus Flower & Carnation)


Whisper Themed Candles
Whisper Ability - Burn your candle to reveal your ability (Mandarin, Cranberry, Dragonfruit & Lemonade)
- Cami (Pancakes & Strawberry)
- Kael (By the Fire, Spiked Eggnog & Eucalyptus Leaf)
Chip (Chocolate, Pancakes & Vanilla)
- Landon (Lemon, Orange, Lime & Vanilla)
Lengard (Clean Linen, Honeydew & Creme Caramel)


The Illuminae Files Candles
AIDAN: Black Cardamon, Amber, Teak, Moss & Metal
Babyface (Ezra Mason): White Leather, Citron Frost, Pineapple & Driftwood
Grasshopper (Kady Grant): Black Raspberry, Apple, Honeycrisp & Sugar
Highness (Hanna Donnelly): Jasmine & White Apricot
Little Poet (Nik Malikov): Amber, Teak, Moss & Orange Creamsicle
Isaac Grant: Tiramisu & French Pear
Ash (Asha Grant): Pink Apple, Vanilla Frost & Spearmint
Cherry (Rhys Lindstrom): Mandarin, Green Tea & Patchouli
Little Spider (Ella Malikova): Boysenberry, Sugar Apple, Plums & Rhubarb

Wayward Children Themed Candles
Regan (Plums, Rhubarb, Sugar Apple & Cantaloupe)
Chicory (Hay, Cinnamon Vanilla & Caramel)
Jill (Vanilla, Orchid, Sea Salt & Pink Apple)
Alexis (Lime, Sea Salt & Brandy Vanilla Snaps)
Jack (Lemon, Oakmoss & Ancient Ocean)
The Archivst (Spearmint, Sweet Pea, Vanilla & Wild Honeysuckle)
Lundy (Bamboo Musk, Sweet Pea & Vanilla)
Moon (Caramel, Wild Strawberry, Blue Agave & Cocoa)
Kade (Blood Orange, Avocado & Mint)
Christopher (Honeybush Vanilla & Boysenberry)
Cora (Citrus, Cucumber, Green Tea, Mango & Rooibos)
Nadya (Ancient Ocean, Coconut & Lime)
Rini (Bubblegum, Fairy Floss & Candy Cane)
Sumi (Vanilla Cake, Cinnamon & Maple Pumpkin Bread)
Eleanor West (Berry Tangerine, Asian Pear & Lily)
Nancy (Blackberry, Fig, Bamboo, Coconut & Lime)


Jacakby Themed Candles
926 Augur Lane (Amber, Teak, Moss, Blood Orange, Apple & Honeycrisp)
Jackaby (Brandy Vanilla Snaps & Cedar Forest)
Abigail (Berry Tangerine, Sweet Pea & Vanilla)


The Prison Healer Theme Candles
Zalindov Prison (Gunpowder Flint, Dry Tobacco, Hay & Sandalwood Cedarwood)
Warden Rooke (Bourbon, White Pepper & Lime)
Tipp (Pomegranate, Peach, Lychee & Black Tea)
Naari (Amber, Teak, Moss, Apple, Honeycrisp, Asian Pear & Lily)
Jaren (Orange, Vanilla, Watermelon & Sea Salt)
Kiva (Bamboo Musk, Cucumber & Green Tea)


Shades of Magic Themed Candles
Alucard (Ancient Ocean & Amazonian Grape)
Rhy (Leather, Citron Frost, Orange, Vanilla & Black Raspberry)
Holland (Bamboo Musk, Sea Salt, Berry & Tangerine)
Lila (Lime, Sea Salt, Kiwi & Vanilla)
Kell (Cedar, Patchouli, Musk & Pomegranate)
White London (Woodsmoke, White Pepper, Lime & Gunpowder Flint)
Red London (English Rose, By the Fire, Cinnamon & Spice)
Grey London (Woodsmoke, Amber, Teak & Moss)
Black London (Woodsmoke & Ancient Ocean)


Defy the Night Candles
 Corrick (Orange, Vanilla, White Melon & Peony)
- Harristan (Boysenberry, Avocado & Mint)
- Karri (Mandarin, Frankincence  & Capri Peach)
- Quint (Cedar & Passionfruit)
- Tessa (Tropical Guava, Passionfruit, Lychee & Black Tea)
- Weston (Honeydew Melon, Black Raspberry Sugar & Dry Tobacco)


Truly Devious Candles
David (Cucumber Water, Himalayan Bamboo, Apple & Honeycrisp)
Janelle (Watermelon, Rose & White Apricot)
Nate (Hibiscus Stafruit, Blau Agave & Cacao)
Stevie (Cedar Forest, Mulberry, White Melon & Peony)


Fable Candles
- Saint (Ancient Ocean, Apple, Sandalwood & Cedarwood)
- Fable (Ancient Ocean, Watermelon, Rose, White Pepper & Lime)
- West (Ancient Ocean, Cubans, Brandy & Citrus Splash)


The Nature of Witches Candles
- Sang (Cucumber, Green Tea, Pink Guava & Lime)
- Mr Hart (Plums, Rhubarb, Wild Honeysuckle & Honeybush Vanilla)
- Clara (French Pear, Pineapple & Driftwood)


Pride Candles
Pride (Patchouli, Dragonfruit Lemonade, Caramel & Vanilla)
Bisexual Pride (Green Tea & Candy Popcorn)
Non-Binary Pride (Capri Peach, Boysenberry & Dragonfruit Lemonade)
Asexual Pride (Green Tea, Wild Frangipani, Pineapple & Driftwood)
Trans Pride (Mandarin, Banana Smoothie & Watermelon)
Lesbian Pride (Peach Blossom & French Pear(
Pansexual Pride (Wild Strawberry, Coconut & Passionfruit)
Genderqueer Pride (Cantaloupe, Hibiscus Starfruit & Cucumber Water)
Gay Pride (Avocado, Mint & Black Sea Salt)
Abrosexual Pride (Vanilla, Coconut & Watermelon)
Genderfluid Pride (Musk Stick, Pink Apple & Vanilla Frost)
Polyamorous Pride (Hawaiian Frangipani & Birds of Paradise)
Agender Pride (Black Raspberry Sugar, Orchid Vanilla & Sea Salt)
Omnisexual Pride (French Lavender & Lemon Zest)
Aromantic Pride (White Apricot & Amazonian Grape)
Queer POC Pride (Magnolia, Amber, Teak & Moss)
Multigender Pride (Orange Creamsicle & Sugar Cookie)
Pangender Pride (Cedar Forest & Amazon Sugar Apple)
Unlabelled Pride (Brandy Vanilla Snaps & Vanilla)
Bigender Pride (Ancient Ocean, Lychee & Black Tea)
Trixic Pride (Sweet Pea, Vanilla & Pomegranate Kiss)
Toric Pride (Citrus Splash, Honeybush Vanilla & Sandalwood Vanilla)
Polysexual Pride (Orange Vanilla & Berry Tangerine)
Demisexual Pride (Capri Peach, Lemon Zest & Vanilla)

Customer Reviews

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Malinda Evans
Amazing candles!

I absolutely love these candles! They smell amazing and look so nice, and getting the 4 pack just meant that I could get more! :)

Emily Savage
Smell so goooooodd

I absolutely loved being able to pick and choose the candles I wanted and wow! they smell amazing and have such a huge variety it was nearly impossible to pick but I'm not complaining. Everything is so well packed and the product quality is fantastic :)

Skye S
The Prison Healer Cabdles

These candles were so amazing and smell so so good. If you love The Prison Healer and love Candles this is for you! I’ll definitely buy again 💜


I was so thrilled with my order, the scents are amazing. I started recording an unboxing and forgot to finish it because I was so excited. This sells we shipped them really quickly and they were all safely packaged