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Krylon 1951 Krylon Farm & Implement Paints

Krylon 1951 Krylon Farm & Implement Paints

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Paint Krylon Farm & Implement Paints Krylon Farm & Implement Paints; Sandable Red Oxide Primer; 12 oz. Aerosol; FEATURES: Direct To Metal Heavy Duty Performance Corrosion Resistant Original Equipment Colors Weather Guard Protection Fast Dry A REPUTATION FOR INNOVATION AND A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE Krylon didn't become the category leader by following the competition or reacting to trends. We have built our brand, our business and our reputation with innovative thinking. Our ideas keep us at the forefront of the industry. Consumer testing helps us define new product opportunities. Our Color & Design team experts help us stay ahead of the trend curve. Our packaging pros continue to find ways to make painting easier, faster and simpler. In fact, Krylon has numerous patents which protect our innovative products and packaging - as well as our position in the market. Krylon experts combine the science of paints and polymers with the art of color theory and design. We know what customers want. And whether it's a unique product, a packaging innovation or an exciting color palette, we have the team to deliver. And this means that Krylon consistently delivers the category's highest brand recognition and preference, plus the sales and profit numbers our partners and retailers expect. In fact, our commitment to excellence and success may be the only thing from Krylon that isn't new. KRYLON INNOVATIONS: EZ Touch 360 Dial spray tip, Pinch N' Pull Cap, Fusion Paint for Plastic, H2O Latex, Aerosol Wood Stain INTEGRATED MARKETING: Again in 2010, Krylon will deliver advertising, public relations, merchandising and online programs that work together to build awareness, drive sales and grow your business. Among those efforts: TV commercials that air during key home improvement and project season, targeted print advertising in consumer magazines, extensive national public relations efforts, merchandising designed to provide incremental sales, and an enhanced website filled with product information, project ideas and color tools.

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